Services We Offer

Shoulder pain



Treatment generally involves

to help you improve shoulder strength and flexibility.

units we use

Cryo mag device

innovative unique device with triple effect as it gives cryo therapy and therapeutic electromagnetic treatment and compression therapy with very good results in tendon and ligament repair and inflammation.


through a special direct current it can deliver medications across biological membranes.


With a gentle push to the muscle, patients can regain their range of motion.

Hands-on approach

through different techniques aiming to restore natural mobility and flexibility.

Joint mobilization

By stretching the joint capsule, the patient can help boost mobility to the injured area.

Therapeutic ultrasound

With the help of deep heating sessions, the tendons, muscles, and other soft tissues of the shoulder receive adequate treatment. It boosts blood flow, eases pain, and supports the natural rejuvenation process.

Heat therapy

Ideal for soothing stiff joints and relaxing the muscles, heat therapy can help reduce discomfort.

Nerve stimulation

Also known as electrical stimulation, this treatment is meant to strengthen the muscles and control inflammation.

Kinesiology taping

encouraging movement as it improves circulation and provide support.

Magnetic muscle stimulation device

Using the Functional Magnetic Stimulation (FMS), It is a non-invasive body toning, muscle building and strengthening treatment for every parts of your body.