Services We Offer

Pain management

There are 2 main types of pain

Acute pain

a normal response to an injury or medical condition.
It starts suddenly and is usually short-lived.

Chronic pain

continues beyond the time expected for healing.
It generally lasts for longer than 3 months.

Pain management strategies

Studies suggest that a person’s emotional wellbeing can impact the experience of pain.

Understanding the cause and learning effective ways to cope with your pain can improve your quality of life.


pain medicines

physical therapies

such as heat or cold packs, massage, hydrotherapy and exercise and TENS

psychological therapies

such as cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation techniques and meditation

mind and body techniques

such as acupuncture points stimulation either with needle or electrical stimulation or laser or MOXA

units we use

to control pain we have a useful and effective strategy to decrease pain and inflammation it is a combined treatment includes:

cryomag and ionophoresis

innovative unique device with triple effect as it gives cryo therapy and therapeutic electromagnetic treatment and compression therapy with very good results in tendon and ligament repair and inflammation.


through a special direct current it can deliver medications across biological membranes